They were very friendly and helpful in finding us the best insurance for our needs.

Customer since 2018

Every year DeWitt works to find the best premium for us. Without them we would overpay for our insurance.

Sherry B., customer since 2008

quick & simplified rate quotes & great response time.

Customer since 2017

I was given very good service and appreciate the time that was taken to find the best product[s] to fill my needs and will continue using DeWitt in the future. Keri was very dedicated in supplying great service and is an excellent rep for the Company.

Customer since 2018

Cathy Niemann is always responsive and helpful with any insurance issue we may have. We have been with DeWitt Insurance for many years and would recommend them to anyone.

Craig L., customer since 2010

You found the right insurance for me at the right price and you made sure everything was covered the correct way. Thank you!!

Peggy B., customer since 2017

It was a simple process as you did the legwork of getting our current coverages and put the quotes together quickly. Eric

Eric G., customer since 2018

Andrew has helped me with my car insurance on 3 different vehicles throughout the years. He is always very professional, curtious and prompt with responses. I shop around for my car insurance, but DeWitt ALWAYS gets me thr best deal!

Amanda K., customer since 2014

Very personalized and extremely friendly.

Customer since 2009

Its nice to have someone take an active role in trying to find a better deal for me.

Customer since 2017

Everyone in the office is always pleasant and friendly. The staff goes above and beyond to assist their clients. Thank you!!

Michelle J., customer since 2008

This was the first time we changed insurance companies in 20 years. The whole process was overwhelming but Lesa walked us through it and did all the work we didn’t know how to do, and at the same time getting us a better rate than we had. We will definitely continue to work with DeWitt in the future.

Joseph B., customer since 2018

Always getting us the best rates and very fast friendly and officiant

Andrea S., customer since 2015

I’m happy about the fact you came to me, unsolicited, with a more competitive policy.

Customer since 2017

It was clear from the beginning that you knew exactly what you were talking about. You had answers to my question and did everything you said you were going to do. When there was a bit of a delay in getting me the quote, you called me and let me know. These are all the things I look for in an agent. Thanks for doing what you do.

Mark C., customer since 2018

Like that Cathy treats me like an old friend and honestly. She protects my interests and ensures my trust in DeWitt.

Customer since 2007

DeWitt found a comparable auto policy at half the price of my existing insurer. Great, fast, service!

Customer since 2018

I appreciate how how Cathy has always be proactive and looking out for our interests. Whenever I have had to interact with her she has always been very responsive and helpful.

Michael W., customer since 2006

I so appreciate Cathy going above and beyond to save me money on both my auto and home insurance. I am thankful for her time and effort in making this happen and I would recommend your agency! Great service!

Customer since 2014

Kudos to Lesa Smith for all her help in finding us lower cost insurance plans. Thank you!

Customer July 2018

Lesa Stayed in contact and returned any phone calls quickly. She stayed right on top of specific due dates and gave me plenty of time to be prepared. And she helped me shop for the most affordable policies

Customer since 2017

Lesa was extremely informative and spent lots of time asking questions and making us comfortable with our decision. She was never pushy and we felt more like she was an partner, not a salesperson.

Robert H., customer since 2018

I have always received the best service at DeWitt. I trust them to have answers to my insurance questions. My home and my vehicles are valuable assets and I have confidence my insurance needs are being met.

Customer since 2015

Very helpful and explaining the differences between the two brands of insurance and why it would be beneficial to change and so on

Customer since 2015

As an agency, you searched and found another company that was able to give me a reduced premium on my insurance. Cathy has been most helpful when I needed additional information.

Thomas G., customer since 2016

every time i call i am helped asap. Thanks To all at your office.

Customer since 2015

Cathy has great customer service, especially with last minute requests.

Customer since 2015

I can call Cathy any time and always takes care of me.

Richard J., customer since 2018

Everyone is so kind and patient! They work hard to get you the best insurance for the cheapest price. Thanks again, Cathy!

Customer since 2018

Recently our insurance agent for the past 30 years retired. Jeff and his team took us as a new customer and made us feel that our business was valued and appreciated. After looking into our particular situation, Jeff recommended a reputable insurance company and saved us 25 percent on our auto and homeowner policies. We look forward to starting a long relationship with DeWitt.

Douglas V., customer since 2017

I enjoy saving money and appreciate all the help I can get navigating threw these matters.

Customer since 2018

I was treated very well and they tailored a policy for my exact needs.

Ken H., customer since 2018

I’ve been with DeWitt for almost 9 years now! I love how easy and comfortable it is to call up the office, or my agent directly, and have my questions or needs met instantly! They 100% treat me and my family like family!!!

Brian H., customer since 2015


Jordan C., customer since 2018

Thank you for your quick response and assistance. Very happy that we have your team working for us in our best interest. You gave us great coverage at a great savings.

Customer since 2017

Great rates and very helpful by answering questions.

Selstar H., customer since 2018

Lesa was great! She called us ahead of time to tell us of the increase on our car insurance and helped find another company that would save us money. She was easy to reach and quick to respond.

Wendy D., customer since 2015

You all are extremely attentive to all of my needs. Everyone at the office is so friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve been with you guys a long time and try to recommend all my friends and family to come to you for their insurance needs

Laura K., customer since 2015

You always do a great job and I do refer you and will continue to, keep up the great work!

Benjamin T., customer since 2015

They are always looking out for me, and it is appreciated!!!

Gary W., customer since 2015

Quick professional knowledgeable responses to all inquiries.

Customer since 2018

Cathy was very helpful and did her homework to get us the best and lowest cost for all our insurance need. we love dealing with her and answers any question or concerns we have

James L., customer since 2015

Everyone there goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. It is a rare thing in 2018 to have a company that works so hard for their customers. Thank you for everything.

Tori W., customer since 2016

Without a call from me Jeff noticed I could get a better deal elsewhere. Even if he benefits from this deal so do I and that’s what I want is someone looking out for my best interest!

Michael J., customer since 2017

You are always very helpful with an questions I have about my insurance and always find the best deal/cheapest available.

Customer since 2018

It is a huge time saver knowing that DeWitt shops around and finds us the best deals for all our insurance needs! I used to do all of that myself and I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. Knowing that we have the best price and best coverage as well as expert personal service every time I call DeWitt with a question, means the world to me! For years I have recommended DeWitt to co-workers as well as friends and family, and all of them switched to DeWitt or started their own new policies with them whenever they had a new need. All have been as equally as happy as I am with the services they have received!

Customer since 2015

I responded with a 10 to the question concerning my likely hood of referring your office. You got a 10 because I have already referred you. I like the preemptive approach. I was planning on contacting your office to see about shopping around for a lower rate. Before I did Keri had already sent me an Email with a proposal that I ended up taking. Between home and auto, I am saving $1000 annually. I also really appreciate the time that Steve (Keri was out of the office) took with me explaining the difference between the new and old insurance policies. I want to understand the details of the policies, not just the cost. Steve took over an hour on the phone with me to make sure that all my questions were answered. Great team work. Keep it up. Thanks, Greg

Customer since 2015

Great agent support! Thanks for all your help.

Dallas H., customer since 2018

I am always pleased to deal with you folks. I am not very good with keeping up with things like when I’m supposed to make payments, etc. and you always cut me some slack. That and the fact that I believe you get me the best deals. Also, all of you are so polite and nice to deal with.

Lawrence K., customer since 2015

Patty and all the staff go out of their way to help me get my insurance needs done and corrected so I can get jobs with my customers that are kind of hard to deal with insurance wise

John C., customer since 2015

Great customer service. Cathy contacted us about lowering our insurance premiums without us asking. She provided answers to all my questions both via email and phone (I had a lot!) and was great to work with Thanks Cathy!

Sherri S., customer since 2016

You made me feel like you care.

Lucille T., customer since 2018

Lesa was so helpful and understanding so friendly and we love that.

Javier G., customer since 2018

Dewitt insurance has provided me with stellar service. They have always went above and beyond to help me with any issue or new policy in the past or present and I will most certenly continue in the future.

Customer since 2015

Cathy always takes care of my insurance needs, in a timely manner.

Larry D., customer since 2015

Cathy is amazing! She called me and stated that our insurance was going up. She found us a new company to switch to and walked us through the whole process. I would highly recommend dewitt!

Simon H., customer since 2015

Lesa, Was very helpful and she didn’t want to just give me insurance, she wanted to make sure that I was getting what I needed and that was when I knew she was the agent for me.

Raymond Y., customer since 2018

I spoke with several other brokers when I was shopping policies, and I purchased from DeWitt because Andrew Schremp is great to work with. His CSR, Leslie, is also great. I will be staying with DeWitt, and will recommend others. Thanks.

Ken B., customer since 2018

We appreciate having someone look out for our insurance needs and our budget. We know we can always get help whenever we have questions.

Darrell B., customer since 2015

Cathy provided personalized service saving me money, something you can’t find online

Edward T., customer since 2015

Great service and competitive rates

Kyle H., customer since 2016

We have used DeWitt, dealing specifically with Cathy, for as long as I can remember, maybe 18 or 19 years now. My kids have grown up now and they are now enjoying the same great service that i have come to enjoy and appreciate. I would highly recommend Dewitt to everyone i know. Cathy is professional, friendly, patient, fast and thorough. We love her.

Mary S., customer since 2015

It’s so refreshing to find good people who are willing to help with whatever is needed instead of acting as though it’s a big problem for them to offer their assistance. I have found good people at DeWitt! I’m hoping I’ll be with them for many years to come.

Customer since 2015

Lesa was very professional and knowledgeable about the important things in insurance. I would recommend ur agency .

Joanie S., customer since 2018

Very professional and customer friendly. I have worked as an insurance agent over the phone for over 25 years and I felt Comfortable talking with your agent Ms Smith She was knowledgeable and accurate. She followed up in a timely manner and gave me confidence that my business with the company would be handled to my satisfaction.

Darlene B., customer since 2018

DeWitt Insurance delivers peace of mind that all our small business insurance needs are current and at market price premiums. Thanks Steve Harkins for all the years that we’ve trusted you as our insurance agent.

Kirby N., customer since 2015

You stayed on top of everything and took the time to offer options for us. Thank you, Keri

Mary S., customer since 2015

Cathy knows exactly what we need and what level of service we expect. It is like she reads our minds. I can’t imagine anyone else being in charge of one of the most important purchases we make every year!

Linda M., customer since 2015

The agent was friendly and helpful.

Customer since 2018

I really enjoy the relationship we have w/Patty. She always takes care of any of our questions or needs in a very timely manner. Along with the savings we are now enjoying thru Patty’s research and efforts. And I like the hometown feel of the office.

Donald W., customer since 2015

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